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  • 600MW! India’s Madhya Pradesh to build the world’s largest floating photovoltaic power plant

    According to foreign media reports, the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh plans to build a floating photovoltaic power plant with an installed capacity of 600MW in the Khandwa region of the state to increase the power generation capacity and solve the problem of power shortage in the region.

    The project is said to be the world’s largest floating photovoltaic power plant, with an investment of more than 30 billion rupees (about 378 million US dollars).

    “We are building the Omkareshwar dam on the Narmada River,” said Sanjay Dubey, chief secretary of the Ministry of Renewable Energy in Madhya Pradesh. “This body of water is huge, about 100 square kilometers, so it can maintain normal water levels.”

    He said that since the water level has not changed, it is suitable to build floating photovoltaic power plants.

    He added: “We have now signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) for 300MW, but may increase or decrease the installed floating PV system capacity depending on the situation. So what we are building is a 200MW floating PV farm rather than 300MW.”

    Dubey also pointed out that the Khandwa region of Madhya Pradesh will be the only region in India with thermal power plants, photovoltaic power plants and floating photovoltaic power plants.

    “In the next phase, we have tendered to add an additional 300MW of PV systems, so when completed, the project will be the largest floating PV farm in the world,” he said.

    Dubey said the Khandwa region is the only region in Madhya Pradesh India with photovoltaic, fossil fuel and hydroelectric power generation, and has power generation facilities with a total installed capacity of more than 4GW.

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    Post time: Aug-09-2022