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  • solar wall light specification of 1000 Lumens

    Short Description:

    Tucano  PRO Series Solar Arm Light

    1. Aluminum case , more durable and strong.
    2. Patent and Arm design , leans out of the eaves to capture enough sunshine power directly .
    3. ALS2.1  + TCS Technology for All Night Lighting even in Cloudy or Rainy Day, especially in winter .
    4. Power lithium battery 18650 to support 1500cycles .  
    5. Application : Wall,Gate, Deck,Garden,building ,Fence decoration and lighting 

    Product Detail

    Product Tags



    Model No.


    SWL-05 PRO


    CCT 3000k
    LED quantity


    Power of solar panel


    4.5V / 0.6W
    Battery Spec




    IK Grade


    Charging time


    12 hours
    Lighting time


    6-7 days
    Discharging temperature


    Charging temperature


    Switch light sensor


    ≥80 Lux, off

    ≤20 Lux, on

    Light modes


    M1:0+PIR  1000LM(10 seconds)      M2:20LM+PIR 1000LM(10seconds)


    Aluminum + PC


    1 years


    1. lighting mode : M1:0+PIR  1000LM(10 seconds)      

    M2:20LM+PIR 1000LM(10seconds)

    2.Press the red button 1.5S to turn on and turn off and after turning on it will be on and off automatically , check  below photo ; Short press the red button  to switch modes

    3.easy to install 



    New technology:
    ALS (adaptive lighting system):When meet bad weather lack of enough sun charge,the system will do smart timely calculation for the remaining battery capacity and give max output efficiency use for long lighting time
    TCS (Temperature control system) when temperature over 60℃, TCS will cut off charging system to protect battery,when below 60℃, charging system will continue to work automatically



    swl-503 (1)
    swl-503 (2)



     Design Advantages:

    Modern and classy design are available for any section . Small body with big body , super good to sell in Amazon .

    solar lights Main Features:

    1. It is made of aluminum body , total different the cheap light in the market . Most of the are made of plastic ABS material with rigid body
    2. Easy to install and ship  - small body with big power (1000 lumen) in great performance.
    3. Our unique technology to make sure the light work well in rainy/cloudy days (5 days more).


    Application scenarios:

    It can be installed on both sides of small roads such as parks and communities to provide lighting for passing pedestrians;

    Traffic sections and ports are used as indicator lights to ensure the safety and order of traffic and navigation;

    Use as decorative lighting in bustling downtown areas or tourist attractions to create a certain atmosphere;

    It can be used in orchards, plantations, lawns and other places to achieve lighting and insecticidal effects.

    Performance characteristics:

    The appearance is simple and beautiful, with time-controlled light control function, intelligent control of the light intensity;

    Using high conversion rate solar panels and rechargeable batteries, strong direct sunlight can charge for a long time;

    When the sensor is bright, the brightness of the light is higher;

    Solar charging, energy saving and environmental protection;

    No need for wires, install anywhere, low-voltage electricity is absolutely safe;

    Intelligent induction system, automatically turn off the lights during the day and charge, and automatically turn on the lights in dark;

    Provide high-brightness lighting and change low-brightness modes according to the distance of pedestrians, taking into account the needs of lighting and decoration;

    With multiple working modes for setting, the function keys distinguish different functions, simple and clear;

    The dual sensor head technology ensures that there is no dead angle in 180-degree sensing and improves the actual use effect;

    Creatively increase the effect of colorful lights, which is brilliant and colorful, and enhance the user experience;

    Provide screw mounting accessories, which can be fixed on outdoor walls, fences, pillars and other places;

    Install in a sunny place to ensure good natural light;

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