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  • SPECIFICATION Of 10000 Lumens

    Short Description:

    1. ALS2.1 + TCS Technology for All Night Lighting even in Cloudy or Rainy Day.
    2. Control system developed independently
    3. Simple networking, easy operation on APP and PC
    4. Combined with the company’s mature technology, centralized control and management functions are more comprehensive
    5. Structure: differentiated design
    6. Cloud Service: Provide a free server
    7 . with battery heating tech, can be used in the cold area

    Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Smart All In One Solar Street Light



    Model No.






    LED quantity


    Power of solar panel




    Battery Spec






    Charging time


    7 hours
    Lighting time


    7-10 days
    Discharging temperature


    Charging temperature


    Switch light sensor


    ≥80 Lux,off

    ≤20 Lux,on

    Light modes


    5H 100%+20% till dawn (Neutral mode has no PIR. But the product can set the PIR through the APP and the computer.)
    Beam angle




    Aluminum alloy


    3 years


    1.  Power Li-ion battery, support 1500 cycles

    2.  Battery pack outside the lamp,very convenient to replace and maintenance.

    3.  3color indicator for  battery power level

    ≥80% battery,  green light;

    80% battery> battery power (voltage) ≥40% power, orange light

    Battery power is less than 40%, red light




    New technology:

    ALS (adaptive lighting system):When meet bad weather lack of enough sun charge,the system will do smart timely calculation for the remaining battery capacity and give max output efficiency use for long lighting time.
    TCS (Temperature control system) when temperature over 65℃, TCS will cut off charging system to protect battery,when below 65℃, charging system will continue to work automatically


    DIALUX road simulation map

    Pole diameter: 60mm


    sil-1006 (1)
    sil-1006 (2)


    sil-1007 (1)

    Total 5 CTNs including lamp, bracket, side solar panel, gateway and communicate module

    sil-1007 (2)

     Design Advantages:

    sil-12 (1)

    We have the biggest solar street light - big wattage of solar panel to charging battery , big battery to make sure your lights work well in rainy days or on highway .Every part you can separate them and maintain ,you don’t need to purchase new lights just replace the old part .

    solar lights Main Features:

    10 Lighting Modes to choose.-You can set up the lighting according to your weather .

    PIR Motion Sensor for Energy Saving.

    PIR induction distance can reach 8M.

    Our lighting angle is wide , we can reach max 140° degree , public module is 120 or less .. We don’t use plastic as our material , our raw material is high class level aluminum . Smart lighting system, Auto on/off.

    Battery advantage :

    We have our own BMS system to make sure our batteries work in  consistent, so our battery lifetime is pretty longer .

    3 Patent Technology to defeat all lights :

    1.ALS-Adaptive Lighting System:Auto adapt the changing of weather ,adjust power output to guarantee lighting time intelligently. 

    2.VFT-Variable Frequency:Our solar led light is of variable frequency function ,led luminaire will change frequently and slightly to save energy is similar to frequency air conditioner technology .

    3.TCS-Temperature Control System:Temperature control system will protect battery from damage by high temperature to improve battery life time. 

    sil-12 (2)

     Case display for Solar street light as follow :

    sil-12 (3)

    As a representative of new energy sources, solar street lights are environmentally friendly and energy-saving as well as reliable and safe. Its working principle is that under the control of the intelligent controller during the day, the solar panel absorbs the solar light and converts it into electric energy under the control of the sun light. During the day, the solar cell module charges the battery pack, and the battery pack provides power to the LED light source at night. Realize the lighting function.

    Product performance characteristics:

    Applicable light source: high-power LED to maintain high-brightness effect;

    Lighting time: can last for several hours;

    Ambient temperature: can be used within a certain range;

    Light pole material: high-quality aluminum;

    Solar panel: A device that efficiently converts light energy into electrical energy. It is composed of multiple units. Each unit uses the photoelectric generated by the semiconductor P-N pole to convert light energy into electrical energy;

    Control system: using intelligent controller, excellent control function, prevent overcharge and overdischarge function; time control and light control function; strong wind protection function;

    Battery: Use high-efficiency, maintenance-free lithium batteries, which can work continuously under no wind and no daylight conditions;

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